A Sweet Little Surprise (Family)

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Adding a 3rd child means you are officially outnumbered. Having 2 boys already and waiting to find out if they have a 3rd, Emily and Tyler seemed pretty convinced of another boy, actually saying, "we just don't make girls..."

Soon to find out, we arrived in the early hours of the morning on Tuesday July 11th, and checked in for a scheduled induction. Taking the elevator to the 7th floor to get checked in, the hospital was quiet and mostly still asleep, and the walls were decorated with beautiful art pieces. 

Getting checked in and answering the questions they HAVE to ask everyone, spirits were up and everyone was eager to know about a baby girl or boy.

Once they got baby on the monitor, they continued getting things going, placing an IV and getting fluid and Pitocin going, Emily and Ty continued to joke about what to watch on TV and what their boys were likely doing at the time!

Baby and Mama were looking good and the Pitocin was starting to get things going. 

Pitocin doesn't give you a break, doesn't let you rest between contractions, Emily kept breathing through them one after another. 

Even these nails were not giving away any secrets. 

Her boys sent her with this rock to remind her to pray, and this rock represents so much more than just that. The thoughts and the worries of a child anticipating the arrival of another sibling, another friend for life, little do they know, this sibling will give them the best job ever, big and biggest brother. 

Still smiling and looking gorgeous, things kept on moving. 

Laboring in different positions until things were far enough along for an epidural, Tyler helped and watched the contractions roll in and out and never fully letting up. Emily breathed through them and things continued to get more intense. 

Thinking her boys must be awake by now, she is a Mom and has to call and check on them. 

Finally getting a fan in the room, things seemed to be getting more intense and no matter what the temperature was, while you are laboring, you are hot - a fan can be the simplest yet best thing in the world at that moment. 

As 8:00AM rolls around, shift change begins and the pitocin is increased. The day is in full swing and this baby is on its way!

As each contraction rolled in, Emily had to also remember to keep her blood sugar levels in check. Not only having to feel the pains of labor, trying to decipher feeling shaking from blood sugar or from pain, this Mama handled it with strength. 

Moving back into bed and getting a little juice, she got visitors from her littlest biggest fans. 

The family bond was amazing and Mom and Sister were here for the long haul.

Curious boys watching and listening to all the beeps and charts, watching as his Mom had contractions rolling in and out and the charts recording them, still a little overwhelmed and not sure what to think. 

A few last group photos before this family turns to a family of 5!

And sometimes, all you need is your own Mama, to just hold your hand, reminding you to breath and that it will all be okay.

As everyone was patiently waiting, Emily breathed through the contractions and after they broke her water, things got intense and epidurals cannot come soon enough. First upping the flow of the IV fluids as high as they can go, Emily checks her blood sugar one more time. 

Epidurals are great when they work, and this Mama was waiting for that moment, and waiting in pain is not easy. 

Using the giant peanut ball to get that baby off her back, Emily labored for a while in this position with no relief from her epidural. Breathing and getting support from her husband, she was doing it, as best as she could. 

After another blood sugar check, she decided that she needed to rest and get everyone out of the room. Sometimes labor goes smoother once you can just let your body work. 

Scrubs awaiting a doctor who was waiting for a baby... the time is almost here and everyone wanted to know what that baby was. 

Lunch time came and went and Emily kept on laboring and feeling it all, as said before, epidurals are great when they work...

One contraction after another and that baby was on the way...

Feeling ready to push, she got into position with the help of her sweet husband and her nurse, that baby was ready to meet the world!

The first push for "practice" was really all she needed. Emily was doing it, she was strong and ready. 

Just like that, the second push and the sweet baby was here. 

Not fully realizing she had delivered, she looked up and saw it...

The baby GIRL she had always dreamed of... a girl, a sweet little baby girl!

Still in disbelief, she kept looking and looking, and yes, that is still a gorgeous baby GIRL!

"we CAN make girls!..."

This is the face of a Mother, a mother who worked hard, labored hard and got an amazingly sweet surprise at the end!

There is nothing more overwhelmingly emotional than a Dad looking at his DAUGHTER for the first time...

Baby girl, who has yet to be named, gets measured and weighed, and with 10 fingers and 10 toes, her brothers make their grand entrance to meet their new little baby SISTER, and they were not too sad about it after all. 

Life has begun with a baby sister in tow, and this family could not be more complete.

Just as every birth is different, every baby is different and the first parts of life that seem the most natural can be the most challenging. Nursing for the first time, this sweet girl latched on and wanted no one to watch. Already a little lady with the sass to match her brothers, sass with a touch of modesty...

And just like that she is already wrapped around her Mama's finger and stole her whole heart. 

Welcome to this great big world Cora Foster Drazich, may your brothers watch over you, your Daddy attempt to say no to you and your Mama be your very best friend. You are beautiful and strong and so so loved!



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