Welcoming Finn: A Family Complete

March 06, 2016  •  2 Comments

This story just got me, the whole thing so full of love. A baby supposed to be born in Colorado, and surprised us all by coming into the world 5 weeks early. 

This is the story of a baby, a baby for Noah and Dennis, a baby long awaited. Surrogate Amber's water broke late on Thursday evening, and Dad and Papa began making their plans to make it to Bozeman, MT. With Papa in New York and Dad in China on a business trip, there was a short timeline in getting here for the arrival of their son.


Amber's Husband, Mark, was the most amazing birth partner I have ever seen, not only was his wife going through labor, this was labor for another family to have this child. Some people have a birth doula, but this Mama had her husband. He was with her the whole time, reminding her to breath, cheering her on, and supporting her both physically and emotionally. 



Papa Dennis was able to make it for a few hours of labor, watching this process of bringing his son into the world. The feelings of emotion were seen on his face, his concern was present, and his excitement was in his tone. 


Getting started with some paperwork and just doing some more waiting...

Dennis finally got to hear his son's heart beat for the first time out loud...

Chatting with Noah, we found out that he was now in Denver waiting for the plane to take him to meet his son.

Labor is long, it is intense, and it is full of emotion. The support during Finn's birth was something so wonderful, it was love and selflessness like I had never seen. With each passing contraction Mark was right there, if there was ever hesitation as to what was going on, he had no problem speaking up. He truly was an amazing birth partner. 

Amber breathed her way through labor, making it look so easy, which we know it is far from. Her strength was admirable and her emotional ability to do something so selfless was truly remarkable. Being 100% present and answering questions from Dennis and laughing between contractions, you really would not think she was about to give birth to someone else's baby boy.

The Lumineers radio on Pandora was a quiet background to the bustle of the hospital room, a room which Amber and Mark were not planning on birthing in. 

Dennis was updating concerned loved ones while waiting on progress reports from Amber.

And Mark was still right by Amber's side... 

Labor is long, it is exhausting, it is frustrating... 

As the time passed, we were not only awaiting the arrival of little Finn, but his Daddy, Noah, as well. 

As Finn's arrival was approaching quickly, Dennis finally heard from Noah that he had landed in Bozeman, and it was a race against time...

He is nearly here and Dennis is ready to catch his baby, ready to meet his son.

Helping his son come into the world, and knowing his husband is nearly there, the emotions are flowing and I think everyone in the room felt an overwhelming sense of joy for these new fathers.

A beautiful moment in time, Finn arriving into our world, surrounded by love and support, precious and beautiful. A new life, a moment of history for Montana, a true blessing all around.

Papa gets to cut Finn's umbilical cord...

And the first person to hold his son.

As Finn is getting his initial check, Dad arrives to be there for the rest of his big day.Arriving just minutes after his birth and considering he had to catch a plane from China with less than 24 hours notice, it was pretty amazing he made it!

Love. This is LOVE. A child should be born into nothing but unconditional love. 

This was the first two Father birth certificate in the State of Montana. This was big, this was history.

And this is Finn, welcome to the world sweet boy!

For being 5 weeks early, this babe shocked us all with his strength, doing amazingly well and already has everyone wrapped around his little finger...


Amber had a little scare, but has been recovering well. What she did for these Fathers is such a gift, something that can only be described as strong and selfless. This was such a love filled beautiful day and I am so very blessed to have documented it for them.


This baby boy is so so loved.

Dear World,

Meet Finn!

"Kid, you'll move mountains..." -Dr. Suess

And you already have - Congratulations Montana - THIS IS BIG in just a tiny bundle!

Congratulations Noah and Dennis, your son is beautiful, and you family is wonderful.

Thank you Amber and Mark for making these two Fathers, you both made a wonderful decision. 

Thank you all for allowing me to capture these private and emotion moments, it truly is a blessing to be a part of it. 


Hugs to all,





I am in tears. This is so beautiful. thank you for sharing this beautiful story and family. I am moved beyond words.
Barb MacKenzie Rodgers(non-registered)
So I read this story with tears running down my cheeks. The pictures tell it all. Such joy, such love, such a gift!!! We are over the moon with hugs, kisses and congratulations for the three of you.
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